What is “Burnout”?

In 2019, ‘burnout’ was recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an ‘occupational phenomenon’. As lockdowns have drastically affected our work-life balance and working environments, we’ve conducted regular research to ascertain the public’s perceptions of burnout and the contributing factors, considering the pandemic. mentalhealth-uk.org

I see a lot of folks in the creative industry who have some pretty cool ideas, but they’re not getting very far because they get burned out too easily. I’ve totally been there too—it’s super frustrating. But here’s the good news: it’s not your fault! Burn out is actually a natural response to doing too much for too long. When you’re working on something that really matters to you, you’re going to give it all you’ve got; and when you do that for any length of time, eventually your body is going to say “whoa, whoa, whoa—slow down!”

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Take a break – but take it somewhere else! Moving your body to a new environment will give your brain the break it needs, while also giving it space to re-engage with the problem at hand.

Set limits, but be flexible about them. If you need to finish something by Friday, great! But if it takes until Sunday, that’s fine too. Flexibility is key here—just make sure you stick with the deadline you set for yourself as much as you can. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Make time for fun! A lot of burnout comes from not making enough time for things that are fun, so try playing around with what you’re doing in order to add some playfulness back into your routine. It’ll help you feel less burnt out and more balanced overall.


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