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If you’re wondering what is digital marketing, or how it can help your small business or organisation, this page is for you! Here’s an introduction to what you should know about digital marketing and a few samples of my work.


Considering all of these elements is one way to approach a holistic marketing strategy :


What is it? What does it do?
How does it help people?
Why would someone choose it over other options?


How much do you want them to pay for your product or service? How will they pay you?
How much is it going to cost you to make and deliver it?


Where do people buy your product or service? Where can people learn more about it if they’re interested? Are there any places where your target audience hangs out that you could try to get featured in or mentioned on?


Who is responsible for getting things done within an organisation? There must be one person who can make decisions on behalf of all employees, but don’t forget that each employee has a role too!


How will people find out about your product or service? You need an effective promotional strategy that reaches them at every stage of their buying journey so they’re more likely to purchase from you instead of another company offering similar goods or services (and there are many). And finally…


How do people get things done within an organization? There should be processes in place so everyone knows exactly what their job entails and how best to perform it.

Tips on re-creating yourself:

Re-branding or simple branding are never easy. But sometimes, it’s necessary. So what do you do when you’re ready to rebrand?

Well, first of all, don’t panic. Re-branding is a big deal. It takes time and effort—and it can take a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. But the good news is: if you’re here, you’ve already taken the most important step—you’ve found success with your brand. That means your business or product has become memorable and beloved by your customers. You’ve created a story about what your company offers, and why it matters, and people have responded to that story in droves.

At that point, the idea of changing things up might feel daunting—and maybe even scary! But I believe in you, and I believe in your brand story. I know it will survive this re-branding process just fine… even if it comes out looking a little different on the other end!

So today we’re talking about how to re-brand a logo in 6 easy steps!

First, make sure you know your brand’s personality. Who are you? What do you want your audience to feel? How can you translate that into imagery?

Second, do your homework. What other brands out there are doing similar things to you? And what are they like visually? If their brand is serious and yours is playful, how can you stand out?

Third, start sketching. Do as many rough drafts as needed until it feels right. You’ll know when it does.

Fourth, create one or more digital versions of your chosen logo. Pick a few options and see which works best in different situations: on social media, on a business card, on the side of an airplane… try them in all the places where they might be used!

Fifth, go over your chosen logo with a fine-tooth comb. Does every line serve a purpose? Where can it be simplified to make it clear, and crisp?

Sixth, ask around! Show your logo to friends and colleagues and see what they think of it. How does it make them feel? Does it represent the brand well in their eyes? Is there anything they would change or add.

BHT Sussex logo by Samin Ghiasi - Vectorial

So here I tried to re-brand the logo of BTH Sussex: A housing association and a homeless charity. They provide essential services across Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne, and Hastings, as well as elsewhere in Sussex.

You probably wondering why? Why BTH Sussex? I’ve just started to volunteer for Shelter Charity Brighton, and I’m taking care of their Instagram since March 2022. I always loved Shelter Charity’s logo created by Superunion: very simple, very powerful.

I wanted to create something new for BTH Sussex, have some fun, and do something new. I’m using the same colour swatches (green/blue/white), different shapes with gradients (square/circle), and a simple typo. With a little twist of je ne sais quoi.

I faced two obstaclesTime, and currently not having Illustrator on my laptop. A big shout out to VECTR.COM for making this project possible as I used their online platform to create my vectorial logo.

Using a free online platform creates challenges and irregularities which are not easily customizable. But I’m still happy with the result – life isn’t a regular line and steps toward housing are unique for everyone.
Click here to see what their original logo looks like!


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