How to be happy

We all want to be happy, but we can’t build happiness without a community. Happiness is something that comes from within—it’s not something you can buy or download onto your phone. But it’s also something that can come from other people. 

How to make friends - Samin Ghiasi

So what do you do if you don’t have the kind of community you need in order to be happy?

You make one! YES! There are plenty of people out there just like you, people who want to share their lives and experiences with others and meet new people with similar interests. So get out there and start making friends!

1. Just do it – Nike said it best: JUST DO IT. If you want to make friends, start by just being friendly. Smile and say hi. Make eye contact and give a little wave. Be the person who starts the conversation—because even if it doesn’t lead you to a new friendship, at least it makes life a little less lonely for someone else.

2. Ask questions – People like to feel like they know things that other people don’t, so ask them questions about their favorite places, bands, books, etc, and let them tell you all about it! You’ll be having fun while learning something new and making friends along the way.

3. Get out there – It’s hard to make friends if no one is around! Find your local adult dodgeball league or sign up for an improv class—but whatever you decide to do, get out there and do it!

Are you a loner, shy or just introverted? Would you like to make more friends? Here are some extra tips :

First of all, be yourself!  We know that sounds cheesy and corny, but it’s true. If you’re not your true self, people are going to see right through that and they’re not going to want to be your friend. So be yourself, no matter how weird you may think that makes you! Your quirks are what make you unique and awesome!

Find things to talk about. Being a loner doesn’t mean being clueless about the world—it means… well we’re not really sure what it means, but we do know that learning about the world is a great way to meet people. Try learning about your town or city, or something that’s happening in the news. You can always find something interesting in the news if you look hard enough. Just remember—don’t talk about politics or religion until you know someone better. Politics and religion are both topics that tend to get people riled up and excited, so maybe stick with sports for now if you want to make friends… unless your new friend is someone who loves talking about politics or religion, in which case go for it! ✌ 

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