Are you codependent?


Have you ever heard of codependency?

If you’re constantly thinking of others’ needs before your own, or feel like you only exist to serve others, yes, this is a big sign of codependency.

If you can’t “be yourself” around certain people in your life, that’s a symptom too. Codependency is a real problem that affects millions of people worldwide—and it’s not just something that happens in relationships with alcoholics or addicts. It can be triggered by any situation where the boundaries are unclear, or where you feel like your happiness is contingent on other people’s happiness.

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It’s not as simple as it seems.


Here are 3 common signs:

You prioritize other people’s needs over your own.

Feel like you don’t have an identity outside of your role as a spouse/parent/caretaker/etc?

Feeling as you have to be a certain way around certain people to keep them happy, even if it doesn’t make you happy.

If this sounds familiar, it’s okay! A lot of us experience these feelings from time to time, but if they happen consistently and cause problems, it could be time to start looking for ways to address them. This is not a medical diagnostic, and you are highly advised to seek medical care from your GP if you think you need it. Therapy shouldn’t be taboo, and as much as you care for your body… your mind needs love, and care too.

Dr K. from the Healthy Gamer GG is one of my favourite therapist specilised in addiction. He has done an incredible video that I recommend to watch for further research:

So, have you ever experienced codependency? How did you manage it? Leave a comment below!