Instagram analytics part 2

As promised, here is a comparison from 21 days ago since I took over the IG account of Shelter Charity in Brighton. The account has now been active for 32 days.


One month, 3 posts a week:

A quick overview and we can confidently assess that the account reach overall has gone down as we have predicted (the account needs to stabilise). Progress has been made with +38.1 % interaction rate, +180% profile visits, and +18.1 followers.

Before the takeover on 25.03.2022, the IG account was dormant for almost 4 months; therefore to see a real result we need time and consistency with posting, replying to potential customers, and making sure we deliver good content to the public that is fun and engaging all around.

Despite this early conclusion, the Shelter Charity Brighton branch is settling and continuing to head for a steady growth based solely on an organic reach. Recently, as of yesterday, the shop is doing a collaboration with the fashion brand AllSaints, a substantial way to promote the shop.

For this project, I have been following the account closely, although I only spend 1h to 2h volunteering. This little (and limited) experimentation with Shelter Charity in Brighton is to show that being steady with your digital marketing pays off, it’s just like a workout!

Now, you can definitely go faster if you implement smart ads, content budget, collaboration with influencers and brands, a specific call to action, email marketing, etc.

Reels are definitely doing great as we already know, nevertheless, I had some issues lately picking popular songs, and I think that has affected our visibility. This is something that I may not be able to change as of now as it is outside my control.

The follower count has gone up by 18,1% which is great as we are getting noticed. Most of our viewers are non-followers which happens across the board with everyone on Instagram. It has a lot to do with the algorithm pushing mainly for boosted posts (ads). The video engagement, although, we haven’t posted a lot as I favored making reels over regular videos due to more success with the app.

Profile visit is up by 180%, and that’s absolutely awesome! Interaction has gone up by +156%, what would be interesting here is to build over time a solid relationship with the community in Brighton. The age group goes from 25 years old to 44 years old, dominated by a female audiance. 

Screen shots of Instagram Analytics for Shelter Brighton (first month!):

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I may do another update in 3 months—Leave a comment below, and share with us your experience with social media!