Social media project for Shelter Charity in Brighton

Have you ever looked at your Instagram and thought “My account hasn’t got as many followers as I’d like”?
Or maybe “I wish more people would look at my pictures.”
Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

Instagram Samin Ghiasi

Let’s start with a story first:

I will be truly honest, I quit social media for one year when covid19 made its way in the UK.

Back in London and I wanted to take this time to focus on my mental health (and my life in general!)—as the News was extremely depressing. No one knew what exactly was going on, and what would be the consequences. I remember when researchers were telling us that it would take the world at least 2 years to see the end of it, they were not wrong. It’s exactly what happened, perhaps not “the end” of it, as we learned to live through the pandemic with the vaccine. I tested positive twice with very mild symptoms, only a severe headache and general fatigue for 2-3 days. The thought of long covid worries me even to this day.

I pivoted my time between trying to eat better, exercising with my flatmate, and doing yoga daily. Losing myself reading, and studying. I knew I wanted to upskill before the pandemic, and that was my time to make it “happen”. Despite everything that was going on, I think having a defined goal really helped me survive solitude and isolation with the constant pressure to find work as a self-employed creative.

Came the time I studied how to code, counseling, health and diet, horticulture with RHS, ESOL, GDPR laws, and digital marketing! I also volunteered in community gardens, translated texts for human rights organisations remotely, LOTS of Zoom meetings, and got a few certifications with Google and Hackney Council. I even trained as a hairdresser in five different hair salons in Central London until the end of 2021! I bought a bicycle, and when I wasn’t cruising in town, I learned to skateboard in a parking lot next to my flat. 

Absolute chaos. And overworked. But the best part is TODAY, now. All this hard work. I know where I’m going, and I’m happy sitting here typing this post surrounded by my favourite books (and hopefully my driving licence next!).


After leaving London for Brighton, I decided to give Digital Marketing another go. And I’m so grateful I did! I discovered a passion for copywriting and SEO. I also learned that I truly enjoyed doing other people’s Marketing, not the same as doing self-promotion for yourself. You don’t have the emotional baggage.

And the best part: It is very similar to when I was a freelance photographer: I can pick and choose between so many industries, and people. Always a chance to learn and grow while being able to work remotely.

Samin Ghiasi Hairdressing

While freelancing as a digital marketing assistant, I wanted to give back to the community here in Brighton and took on a pro bono project. I absolutely love the work Shelter Charity does in the UK, and I suggested taking care of their social media branch in Brighton, my local charity shop. The team was very open and gave me the opportunity to grow their social media.

So far, it has been only 14 days with 10 pieces of content: 3 reels, 1 video, 4 posts with photos, and one re-share from the main Shelter account. I created all the content and the copy. I wanted to share here some stats and I will most likely come back to it within 3 months to show what worked, what didn’t, and where we are now.

Social media management can be quite time-consuming, especially when you are managing a number of different accounts. There are however a number of tools that can help you in growing your Instagram account and these range from helping you post images to scheduling updates. These tools will save you time and make your social media management much more straightforward, I recommend HubSpot and Hootsuite.

Growing your Instagram account is a lot like growing a garden

You plant the seed, water it, add organic nutrients and sunlight and eventually it grows. You can’t just plant the seed and expect it to grow overnight. It takes time, dedication, and consistency. Here are our top tips:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask!

A lot of people think you shouldn’t ask for likes or follows, but we have found that it really can help. People are busy and focused on their own things, so don’t be afraid to remind them that you exist! You have something awesome to offer the world, and it’s okay to tell them about it. (But don’t be weird and pushy!)

2. Be consistent.

The more quality content you post, the better chance you’ll have of getting noticed by the algorithm—and by a potential new follower who will stumble upon your profile while looking at related posts and decide that they want to follow you. So keep up the good work!

3. Be strategic with hashtags.

Hashtags are an excellent way to get discovered by people who don’t know you yet, but it’s important not to use too many hashtags or the wrong kind of hashtags if you want to grow your Instagram following effectively. Instead, use relevant ones that are specific enough that users won’t be overwhelmed when searching for them (e.g., #silverjewelry not #jewelry). If you’re posting about travel photography, try using one or two travel-related hashtags instead of a bunch of general ones like “vacation” and “fun.” 

Shelter Samin Ghiasi - 06

Back to Shelter Charity Brighton. As a volunteer, I can only spend a limited time on this project but it shows you that even with a little work (1-2h per week and no paid ads), this is what you can get. Currently, reels are doing better than adding a single photograph—and quality matters big time.

Screen shots of Instagram Analytics for Shelter Brighton (first 14 days):

Remember that being on social media means interacting with your followers. To serve rather than take. Making the experience resourceful, and entertaining. Try this, and let me know your stats between now and 14 days. Remember to always do your best to put quality content out there but don’t beat yourself up, not everything has to be perfect. Try to be consistent first ☆

It’s your turn now—Leave a comment below, and share with us your experience with social media!